[ZWeb] ie6 disply problem and a suggestion

Mark Fallu Mark Fallu" <mfallu@optushome.com.au
Mon, 3 Mar 2003 14:02:48 +1000

Hi Folks,

I'm new to the list so apologies if any of this has been raised before.

Using IE6 I am currently experience a display problem with the right hand
column... it sits partially off the right hand side of the screen (about
20-30 pixels worth).

It doesn't matter how wide I resize the screen the right bar is never fully

This problem does not occur in Mozilla.

That being said I have not yet found out exactly where the problem is and
how to fix it.... I will have more of a look later on today.

You might also want to consider changing the right bar so that there is a
horizontal line above the "Products" heading - this will make it consistent
with the "News" heading at the top of the page and will add a degree of
visual separation to the two categories.

As far as my suggestions go-

I remember my excitement when I first discovered Zope and the zope.org site.
One of the things that really caught my attention early on was the dtml
button at the bottom of each page... allowing me to observe how things were
being done.

Will that sort of functionality be implemented on the new site... it would
be great, especially for the demonstration pages etc.

Plus I think it promotes some of the positives of this being an open-source

Also - I love the idea of RSS feeds from zope.com and any other site that
has prepared demonstrations, training, or product case resources.

These sorts of things are invaluable to individuals who are trying to make
the case for Zope within an organisation and they also provide a lot of
encouragement for new users to pick up tools and to start building things.

By having the RSS feeds - not only is all the best content aggregated on the
zope.org site, but it puts pressure on other sites (eg. zope.com) to keep
updating their resources.

To that end - one of the resources I would really like to see on the new
Zope sites would be a series of Case Studies about Zope usage. (Maybe under
the Zope powered sites link in the Community area.) These should stick to a
relatively standard template and will undoubtedly become a very handy
reference for anyone trying to justify the business case for adopting Zope.

If the case study area proves popular then it might even be worth adding
another category to the right hand bar, "Featured Zope Solution"... it would
have a small screen capture of the site - provided as part of the Case Study
template and a brief blurb.  Underneath would be a "More Case Studies" Link.

Hopefully all the Zope based companies out there would jump at the chance to
promote themselves and their clients.

Anyway these are just a few suggestions.

If you would like me to write a case study template I would be happy to do


Mark Fallu

> >The site forces horizontal scrolling on IE6.0 using 1024x768. Horizontal
> >scrolling is bad! I think the it will be solved if the products box is
> >placed in the right most column.
> Hmm... there's no horisintal scrolling here - using IE 5.5..

> | The site forces horizontal scrolling on IE6.0 using 1024x768. Horizontal
> | scrolling is bad! I think the it will be solved if the products box is
> | placed in the right most column.
> Humm.. Must be another of those annoying IE bugs (like the logo at the top
that refuses to be aligned to the left). I will try to fix that, but I dont
think it is related to the products box on the middle. It works perfectly on
mozilla, as usual.