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Jens Vagelpohl jens at dataflake.org
Sun Aug 22 15:03:24 EDT 2004

>>> I disagree. Zope.org has been a mess for far too long. It's 
>>> embarassing.  Rather than talking about organising groups to discuss 
>>> how the process of updating things should work and generating reams 
>>> of red tape that will only be waded through by one or two people, 
>>> I'd prefer to just see people pitching in as and when they can and 
>>> slowly working towards a leaner site, that's easy to maintain and 
>>> only contains relevent, up-to-date information in one place, that 
>>> makes sense, and is marked as historical if it still needs to be 
>>> around but is no longer the newest available.
>> Look Chris, do what the f*$k you want. I volunteered to help with the 
>> docs -- so did Morten. We are trying to think about structure and 
>> trying to get it right. If you think you can do it better using your 
>> fire and forget approach -- knock yourself out.  Too many cooks 
>> sometimes spoil the broth.
>> Paul's email only underlines that you don't know everything happening 
>> on the docs side
>> so please stop deleting docs. Remove links to deprecated docs all you 
>> want but don't delete the actual docs!


Shooting from the hip is never a good idea, regardless of how 
well-intentioned it is.


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