[ZWeb] Front Page & Other Changes

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Mon Aug 23 06:44:45 EDT 2004

Mark wrote:
> When it was said on this mailinglist that changes should be announced on 
> #zope and #plone I had understood this to be for the purpose of letting 
> people know when people were working on the "live site" of zope.org on 
> things like software updates / checking in changes so that people aren't 
> making changes on the site at the same time. This was as far as I 
> understood it not the place to have discussions on structure/navigation 
> changes to Zope.org (exceptions being something like IRC)

*shrugs* if there are enough active people there, I don't see the 
difference. The proposed changes were mentioned on this list anyway, 
with a request to comment. Did you get that mail? Sadly it seems this 
list is suffering more than most at the hands of lists.zope.org :-(

>> and the people around me at the time.
> What does that mean. People around you at the time?

nothing sinister, just the people sitting around the same table as me at 
the time, some external but interested observors who I did a/b 
comparison with, without mentioned which was the current and which was 
the new :-)

> I like that the news are at the top again but it sure didn't make the 
> layout any prettier.
> What I think the front page really needs is a better structure.

If I hear one more discussion about structure I'm gonna puke ;-)
How do you think NZO got to look like it does now?

> Take the 
> Ads for example.
> The titles are mostly repetitive. "Zope Technical Solutions Training @ 
> xxx" We could free up a lot of space by adopting a format like:
> Zope Technical Solutions Training
> September 7-10, California, USA (Cignex)
> August 9-12, India (ZeoMega)
> August 16-20, Brazil (Hipercursos)
> ......
> That would be a major improvement.

Then I'd encourage you to make that change! I certainly have no problems 
with it. In fact, something else I wanted to ask is how long those ads 
should stay there, and who decides what ads are appropriate.

As a side question, do you think that space the ads currently occupy is 
the correct place for them? They don't disrupt the layout of the site 
when they're added there, and so provide a more consistent feel for new 
users. If the people placing the adds really want them top-left, then 
surely they can submit them as normal news items?



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