[Zope] Starting ZOPE when you don't have access to the machine

Tim Cook tim@freepm.org
Sun, 27 May 2001 06:59:54 -0500

Norman Khine wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a virtual server, ie sub-hosting with a virtual sub host, and have
> configured zope 2.3.2b2 with python 2.0 on freebsd 4.2
> I read in a previous post "somewhere" ;^) that if you start zope on a secure
> shell with ./start & and then close this connection the zope server will
> stop running.

I currently have three installations of Zope where I have never
physically touched (or been in the same room) with the machine it
is running on.  Everyone of them I started with ./start& through
either a telnet or ssh connection. I wait until the server comes
up then exit the connection:

       Zope version: Zope 2.2.0 (binary release, python 1.5.2,
       Python version: 1.5.2 (#10, Dec 6 1999, 12:16:27) [GCC] 
       System Platform: linux2 
       Process ID: 2240 (3076) 
       Running for: 186 days 13 hours 42 min 42 sec 

This one is almost 3,000 miles away.

So, I'm not sure why yours won't continue running, but it should. 

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