[Zope] Documentation for web-designers

Markus Mohr markus@johalla.de
Sun, 27 May 2001 19:35:49 +0200

> This is already under its way :-)
> (only planned in german so far. But I suspect this pleasures
> Markus even more :)
Yes, will do. ;)
Is there something to see already?

> Last not least one has to analyse the problem to be solved before
> starting the actual work on coding.
> Write down (or model with a case tool) what should happen when,
> from where to where flows data and who should see what and when.
> (design comes at the end of such process)
Ha! Quote: 'organized work stops the flow of creativity...' :)
But you are right. Thats one of the benefits I see in zope: the need of
organized work. Helps a lot in the long run.