[Zope] A new list needed?

Philippe Jadin philippe@123piano.com
Mon, 22 Oct 2001 10:24:45 +0200

>    That's bad. First, I am really interesting in most of these messages -
> there are many hidden treasure I obtained by reading all of them.

"Hidden" is the right word here : there are so many posts, that almost
no one can cope with all of them.

Imho it's allways a good idea to sort things. It's allways better to
have a fine level of classification than nothing. 

I'm quite astonished to see that zope users don't want finer level of
granularity, as it is exactly what zope can provide for web dev.

It's allways a good thing, imho, to have something "feasible", even if
not everyone need it. I'd like to subscribe to every mailing list, and
then see which one interests me (and to which posts I can answers with
my still limited zope knowledge). 

Don't you sort your mails ?

>    Second, it seems you are trying to make the lists work for you without
> working for the lists. You want us to answer your questions, but you don't
> want to answer our questions.

I don't think you can oblige people to answers questions. At least,
flooding their mailbox with 150 msgs per day won't help them to answer
what they know and skip what they don't.

>    When I had information, I answer to people question. But to answer a
> question I must first to read it, right? So I need to read every message in
> the list anyway.

True if you can read, understand, and answer everything on this list.
False for most humans ;-)

My $0.02