[Zope] sending SMS messages from Zope application

Wout Tankink wout@gmx.net
Sat, 06 Jul 2002 15:32:33 +0200

At 13:19 6/07/2002, you wrote:
>They know how to do it.

Their answer: "We have used smsdriver in 1 project 
http://www.smsdriver.com/index.htm. Its
pretty easy just follow the instructions on their site . We don't have a 
Zope product for it."

Smsdriver.com is expensive for a little amount of messages (at least 720 
So I'm still kooking for a better solution.


> >>-----Original Message-----
> >>Hi zopistas-out-there,
> >>
> >>I want to send SMS messages (several hundreds every few weeks)
> >>from a Zope
> >>application.
> >>Do you know of some way to do this?
> >>I prefer not to use a SMS service provider, because of the huge step-in
> >>costs. So I think about modeming to the SMS gateway of KPN or Vodafone (I
> >>am dutch), which I can reach by GSM phone number. I want to send several
> >>messages (the same message to several people) in one call.
> >>
> >>Thanks,
> >>
> >>Wout Tankink
> >>