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Fri Oct 10 10:19:27 EDT 2003

1) I don't use anything near IIS, but I have not heard of any problems
with IIS as a front end.

2) Nope. I use Apache because I have a bunch of websites hosted and Apache
writes out individual virtual hosts logs. If Zope gets that feature, I
will dump Apache.

3) DTML. I read up on ZPT, but for now I can't see a reason to switch.
Call me old school.

4) Sounds like you are going to keep a RDMS back end yes? Zope can handle
the hits if you put it on the right boxen.


> Hi:
> I'm a new Zope user and I'm evaluating Zope for use in a few projects. One
> project is an online parts system for a truck manufacturer (about 3000
> 'hits' per day). This is a project we've been maintaining for a few years
> in
> Cold Fusion. While performance of the application is OK, we're concerned
> with CF's lack of extensibility, and we're also moving towards open source
> solutions. I have some questions about Zope I'm hoping you can answer:
> 1. Can you share experiences about using Zope with IIS?
> 2. Is it still absolutely necessary to use Zope behind another web server?
> Most of the info on the web I've found about not using Zope's web server
> is
> a few years old.
> 3. In terms of templating systems, do you find yourselves using DTML or
> ZPT?
> 4. If the initial Zope-based projects work out well, we're going to
> consider
> using Zope on a much bigger project. At peak times, this project has about
> 200 concurrent users. It'a a very database intensive application. Will
> Zope
> scale well to something of this size? The current version of this
> application is a load-balanced Cold Fusion setup.
> Thanks in advance!
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