[Zope] Re: Bug in Ordered Folder of Zope 2.7

Maik Jablonski maik.jablonski at uni-bielefeld.de
Fri May 14 11:15:51 EDT 2004

Andreas Tille wrote:
> I'm happy that the ordered Folder feature is implemented now in Zope 2.7 because
> I wanted to use it as kind of a "Mind-Mapper" for developing a menu structure.
> I found out that the Folder objects are ordered nicely in the right management
> window of the ZMI but if you look at the tree on the left side all folders are
> ordered alphabetically.  I wuld consider it as a bug that the order which I created
> with ordered Folders on the right is not regarded on the left.  Please convince
> me that this is a feature. ;-)

Hi Andreas,

it's some kind of history and a "strange" default behaviour of the tree 
tag... Just a easy fix which should workaround your problem:

- Create a PythonScript (just one line of code) in the Root of the ZMI 
with id = bobobase_object_position:

return context.aq_parent.objectValues().index(context)

- Then patch Zope/lib/python/App/dtml/menu.dtml and change

<dtml-tree nowrap=1>


<dtml-tree nowrap=1 sort=bobobase_object_position>

That's it...

Maybe you can fill out a collector issue?

Cheers, Maik

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