[Zope] Re: i18n/L10n support in zope2

harshad behere hbehere at zeomega.com
Thu Apr 10 10:56:44 EDT 2008

> I tried changing domain in given example .po file (e.g. to 
> "Domain=mydomain\n"), but it doesn't work even after doing "Reload
> catalog" for corresponding .po file object using PTS ZMI. I found 
> reload catalog works if we modify message ids/text. Any idea how PTS 
> manages this headers (like Domain/Content-Type etc) ? Is it possible 
> to reload/refresh/rebuild this information ?
While working further I found following work aroud ( may not be on 
correct path, but it works)
  -- Edit the headings part (e.g Domain/Language etc) for .po files and 
save file.
  -- Make use of PTS ZMI to delete corresponding ZODB object of .po file.
  -- Restart Zope.

I also found workaound for MSIE behaviour, include heading call 
"X-Is-Fallback-For: ?????\n" in your .po file. For e.g - 
"X-Is-Fallback-For: de-de\n".

After making change  and updating sample page template - (English as 
primary language for both browsers)

English -
<span i18n:domain="English" i18n:translate="">
Reload this catalog
German -
<span i18n:domain="Germany" i18n:translate="">
Reload this catalog
Czech -
<span i18n:domain="Czech" i18n:translate="">
Reload this catalog

gives following o/p

Mozilla Firefox -
  -- English - Reload this catalog
  -- German - Reload this catalog
  -- Czech - Reload this catalog

MS-IE 7.0.5730.11 -
  -- English - Reload this catalog
  -- German - Diesen Katalog neu einlesen
  -- Czech - Znovu nacíst katalog

Interest thing is that MSIE respects selected language hierarchy where 
as FireFox gives preference to the primary one.

Here are the headers -

Mozilla Firefox
HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE    'en-us,en;q=0.8,de;q=0.5,cs;q=0.3'
_pts_catalog_names_Germany_en    []
_pts_catalog_names_Czech_en    []
_pts_catalog_names_English_en []
_pts_negotiator_cache_language    {('de', 'de-de', 'en'): 'en', ('en',): 
'en', ('cs', 'cs-cz', 'en'): 'en'}

MS-IE 7.0.5730.11
HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE 'en-us,de-DE;q=0.7,cs-CZ;q=0.3'
_pts_catalog_names_English_none []
_pts_negotiator_cache_language {('de', 'de-de', 'en'): 'de-de', ('en',): 
None, ('cs', 'cs-cz', 'en'): 'cs-cz'}

Thank you,

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