[Zope] [Zope-dev] Zope 4.0, maybe not such a bad idea...

Lennart Regebro regebro at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 09:14:48 EDT 2009

My preferred Zope-future would be:

1. The Zope Framework dependency cleanup project continues. When
cleanup is deemed reasonably finished, we rename the framework Zope 4.

2. Zope 3 The Application server moves over to zope.pipeline or
similar, and gets a new name, and becomes one of the application
servers that run on the Zope Framework. I propose the name "Blue
Bream" (another name for the fish Zope). Version can be 1.0 or 4.0, no

3. Grok moves over either to Zope.pipeline or repose.bfg as publisher in Grok 2.

4. Zope 2 moves permanently over to a better publisher, possibly
repoze,Zope2, or something based on zope.pipeline. We stick our heads
into actually redoing the security with proxies, in a not necessarily
completely backwards compatible way. This would be Zope 5, but the
name is better as Zope Legacy Server. 5 or 4.

That would leave us with Zope Framework v 4.0 or something, and four
servers running on Zope Framework. Zope Legacy Server 4/5 (with Plone
5 on top), Blue Bream, BFG and Grok.

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