[Zope] [Zope-dev] Zope 4.0, maybe not such a bad idea...

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Fri Apr 3 12:48:14 EDT 2009

Lennart Regebro wrote:
> 1. The Zope Framework dependency cleanup project continues. When
> cleanup is deemed reasonably finished, we rename the framework Zope 4.

Oh, so Zope 4 is a run on from Zope 2?
How do I upgrade from Zope 2 to Zope 3?
How about from 3.5 to 4?

No, Martijn as Zope Framework coup-master has already decreed it The 
Zope Framework, and I strongly agree. Zope Framework 4.0 fees sane, and 
ZF4 makes a nice abbreviation.

> 2. Zope 3 The Application server moves over to zope.pipeline or
> similar, and gets a new name, and becomes one of the application
> servers that run on the Zope Framework. I propose the name "Blue
> Bream" (another name for the fish Zope). Version can be 1.0 or 4.0, no
> matter.

Bream 4.0 would be fine with me for that, I don't think there seems to 
be anyone who really cares about it anymore though...

> 3. Grok moves over either to Zope.pipeline or repose.bfg as publisher in Grok 2.

Grok is Grok, Repoze is Repoze, lets leave them be and let them choose 
their own names...

> 4. Zope 2 moves permanently over to a better publisher, possibly
> repoze,Zope2, or something based on zope.pipeline. We stick our heads
> into actually redoing the security with proxies, in a not necessarily
> completely backwards compatible way. This would be Zope 5, but the
> name is better as Zope Legacy Server. 5 or 4.

It cannot be called Zope int(x) for any value of x for the reasons that 
cause the current confusion. I think Zope Legacy 4 is a bit mean, I 
think there's plenty more life in the project if people want there to 
be. That was why I suggested Zope Classic (hey, it worked for Coke when 
they had to bring back their original product because of a snafu on the 
supposed replacement!)

Zope Classic 4, ZC4 work, but I know Andreas hates the former and the 
latter has an unfortunate class with Zope Corp :-(

More suggestions please!

How about Zope Standard?

> That would leave us with Zope Framework v 4.0 or something, and four
> servers running on Zope Framework. Zope Legacy Server 4/5 (with Plone
> 5 on top), Blue Bream, BFG and Grok.

Actually, you'd have (using the names I personally like so far)

Bream 4 on top of Framework 4
Standard 4(which would include Framework 4)
Plone 4 on top of Standard 4
Repoze and Grok on top of Framework 4

The initial names would, of course, be free to move onto any base they 
like, but their names wouldn't get confused. As you can see, the "Zope" 
even becomes optional, but works nicely for abbreviations:

- ZB4
- ZS4
- ZF4



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